Fortify your network and add extra layers of security to your services. Eliminate vulnerability of grey routes and protect your business, constantly.

SS7 Firewall

Protect your network against signaling security incidents. Block unregistered mobile devices for communication and data services with a powerful SS7 Firewall to maintain the integrity of your connections between your network and the telephone operators. Our SS7 Firewall completes our SMS Firewall and secures the internal network without interruptions. It combines hardware and software features to perform real-time SS7 session tracking and signalling traffic inspection. Our Artificial Intelligence module recognizes and composes patterns of illicit behavior, preventing malicious actions, ensuring subscribers personal data and internal network integrity.

All SS7 sessions and transactions are monitored in real-time, alongside the entire signaling traffic, so as to recognize and block all fraudulent attempts to access the internal network through the SS7 layer. Our firewall is unique in its ability to block all spoofing/faking and network flood attempts.

SMS Firewall

Eliminate “grey routes” and stop revenue leakage to gain back the control of your network. Secure the transparency of your connections and charge appropriately for every single SMS terminating in your network, maximizing profits from this untapped source of revenue.

A core element of SMS monetization is an SMS Firewall that identifies all improperly charged routes, filters traffic and prevents network abuse. It combines hardware and software features to ensure SMS monetization based on a holistic approach. Our firewall is unique in its ability to differentiate A2P from P2P SMS traffic and recognize A2P SMS hidden inside P2P channels, while also offering standard firewall filtering of A2P international traffic with alphanumeric sender ID.

Diameter Firewall

Fortify your network with the next generation of firewalls, building a secure diameter for your 4G/LTE wireless network, fencing out potential attacks from unauthorized senders, malformed messages, overload situations and many more threats.

Protects subscribers from invasion of privacy, impersonation and credit fraud, and secure them against eavesdropping on voice and messages. Always compliant and in hand with national and international security requirements, AMD Telecom Diameter Firewall is here to safeguard your subscribers, services and revenue.

SIM Box Firewall

SIM Box is a device that contains multiple unregistered prepaid sim cards which are used to deliver A2P fraud messages to low cost. SIM Box fraud is causing a lot of financial loss to MNO’s, at the same time it prevents them to meet their service level agreement destroying customer experience and trust.

AMD Telecom’s Sim Box Firewall detects routes that are utilising SIM Box, by either VoIP or SMS, and blocks them. Our solution monitors possible SMS routes and analyzes traffic through them. With constant testing , Sim Box Firewall analyzes traffic and blocks the suspicious one.

SIM Box Scanner

AMD Telecom’s SIM Box Scanner is the solution provided to MNO’s in order to scan and detect fraudsters using SIM Box.

The process is based on state-of-the-art technology and manages to detect fraud in a timely manner by activating the appropriate firewall and to protect your business from money losses and Poor customer experience.

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