Talk, text, go online globally with one of the key revenue streams for Mobile Operators. Trust our extended portfolio of roaming services for your business.

Outsourced Roaming Services

Accelerate deployment and give your subscribers the best connectivity while roaming abroad. Evolve your networks, develop profitable services, and prevent revenue erosion with AMD Telecom’s Outsource Roaming Management service.

Our company offers its expertise and provides a complete outsource roaming service portfolio. Our solution includes opportunity identification, strategy, partner selection, business planning, data and financial clearance, signaling, agreement negotiations, tests and reporting to Mobile Operators, is scalable and built to comply with the needs of every client.

Roaming Hub

A single agreement, a single connection. Connect once and get connected with anyone. AMD Telecom’s Roaming Hub, offers a complete management tool to launch global connectivity for your customers.

Launch quickly, minimise revenue losses and maximise profitability, reduce workload and focus on other business opportunities, get the largest coverage and rest assured that AMD Telecom will do the rest for your business to thrive.

Financial & Data Clearance

Our Data Clearing service simplifies the complexity of processing roaming billing records between Mobile Operators. Files are verified and validated according to the industry’s standards and delivered accurately and always on time to all parties.

Financial Clearing is the service that guarantees the transparency and security in all voice, messaging and data transactions. At every stage of the clearing process, AMD Telecom provides clarity to the Mobile Operators to facilitate with the logistic workload of their Roaming Department.

If it can be described, we can create it

Drive forward to success with the best full product suite in the CPaaS space .We know how to make technology fit your needs.

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