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Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Activation Service

IR (Central Equipment Identity Register) is a combination of hardware and software that guarantees governments to protect their networks from the use of stolen and unregistered devices. The EIR (Equipment Identification Register) contains a centralized database for authenticating the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). This database refers exclusively to the equipment of the mobile station. The EIR register stores the identities of mobile station equipment. Using this information, the MSC can check whether mobile equipment is allowed to be used or prohibited.

In EIR, mobile stations are fixed in three lists:

Security Audit Services

Emergency telephone number is closely related to the Location Based Alerting System service, working as the “people finder” or a “last status tracker” in case of emergency and within a specific geographical area or a map. It is related to the common number dialed free of charge from most mobile telephones, assisting people in case of an emergency. In many countries it is a fixed number such as the EU’s “112”.

The emergency telephone number service has a double and a meaningful use helping and keeping both an individual and the community secure. On the one hand, an individual dialing the number, can state if he is alright, if someone else near to him is in need or is at an SOS state, notifying the authorities about his security and safety measures. Additionally, an individual willing to locate the status of a close relative or a friend, can dial up the emergency telephone number, and an automated voice message appears asking to dial the number you are interested to know about, plus the # button. Once the number is inputted then a new automated voice message explains the last status of the recipient as: not listed, SOS or OK including the time and date of the last track. With the Emergency Telephone Number service, AMD Telecom acts proactively offering high-level safety services for the securement and easiness of every individual internationally.

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