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Founded to become the leading provider in worldwide telecommunications, AMD Telecom is here to support MNOs, global telecommunication aggregators and large enterprises that need open global connectivity and roaming solutions.With our SMS Monetization products, we give the ability to our clients to generate profits from previously loss-making A2P SMS services, while we provide roaming services on behalf of MNO’s

What we do

We created two individual but interconnected platforms. Routee, an omnichannel CPaaS messaging platform, and WayMore, a marketing automation platform. At the same time, our expertise led to the evolution of our iSMSm platform, a service center for wholesalers.


An intelligent communication platform CPaaS, a global messaging platform that helps businesses expand and simplify interactions between people, applications, devices, and enterprises with web and API cloud communication services. Routee is utilizing the power of AMD Telecom’s backbone connections and combined with API links to all major messaging platforms, provides tailor-made communication bridges for any business, regardless of industry and size.


WayMore is a Marketing Cloud, a platform that automates marketing and business workflows. It combines in-depth automated segmentation tools with machine learning and AI capabilities. It offers a robust unified communication automation platform that comprises all the communication channels Routee has to offer, plus the ability to seamlessly connect with the client’s infrastructure (ERO, CRM, CMS, Channel Provider, etc.)


Send SMS on behalf of mobile users and to deal with bulk sms from applications with iSMSm A2P SMSC. The short message service center is developed according to the GSM standards, and built according to the SS7 layered model. Its functionality is formed from the ground up for high performance, and it scales well in multi-core CPU environments as it can heavily make use of multithreading.

If it can be described, we can create it

Drive forward to success with the best full product suite in the CPaaS space .We know how to make technology fit your needs.

What AMD Telecom stands for

We support MNOs, global telecommunication resellers, and large enterprises that need to open global connectivity and roaming solutions. We provide SMS and Voice monetization, clearance and settlement services
True omnichannel solution

Connect with users across all channels with personalized messages. Create a seamless brand experience and drive sales.

100% in-house build platform

We create marketing platforms that are easy to use, provide you with deep segmentation and hyper-personalization, work seamlessly with hundreds of other platforms, and are tech stack compatible.

All the available channels at your disposal

Use SMS, email, voice, messaging apps, push notifications and create a seamless customer experience.

No software dependencies

Free your business from complex software and become hassle-free in a matter of minutes.

Global Connectivity, High deliverability

With us, rest assured, your message will get through, no matter where, when, and to whom you want to send it.

High Quality, Security, and Reliability

AMD Telecom is a proud member of GSMA and ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. Our service adds extra layers of security to your processes, decreases cost, and creates an ideal user experience.

What Our Clients Say

Together we thrive. This is the mentality behind all our partnerships. Listen to our customer’s voice.

”WayMore Platform, was the absolute shift in customer support. Intelligent failovers, automation workflows, and the fact that we approached our customers seamlessly, into their preferable channel, with consistency and reliability, valued WayMore as a partner in communication. ”
Insurance Company for Waymore
"Transactions’ security was among our top priorities. It was a difficult task searching for one major partner who would be our main provider in all 22 countries we operate and in those to operate in the near future. Together with Routee, we achieve an average global delivery rate of 96%, and keep the service up and running 99,992%."
Leading online food delivery marketplace for Routee
“Our customers perform a proof of concept exercise to evaluate the SMS firewall solutions. AMD Telecom's solution was deemed superior in detection A2P grey routes and SMS spam messages.”
Mobile Operator for AMD Telecom

Our world of connectivity

A glimpse into our Projects around the globe

Mobile Operator

With a market share of 78%, Bhutan's Mobile operator leader selects AMD Telecom to terminate its A2P SMS communications


In the case of Microsoft, all Skype messages are routed through the Routee API

P&G Asia

Procter &Gamble Asia selects WayMore exclusively for its Omnichannel communication, across all products, in Asia trusts only the Routee API for sending all SMS and Voice messages around the globe


Only two factor authentication from Routee was found to be able to meet the Viber worldwide needs

Mobile Operator

The only Mobile operator in Turkmenistan, trusts only AMD Telecom for SMS routing and firewall

Local Sales Departmens Globaly
Countries 2Way coverage with numbers